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APEX Digital Vault

APEX Digital Vault

Collaboration, Document Library, and Storage

  • Create and collaborate with team members.
  • Access documents, chats, and project data from anywhere.
  • Manage projects, deadlines, and deliverables.
Empower your team with APEX, just the tool they need

Cloud Data Backups

Why chance loosing your data? With APEX, you can backup your data to the cloud on demand or use our software to schedule automatic backups. Your data is encrypted and secure. You choose the folder or folders you want to backup or select the entire hard drive. You are in control.

Collaboration Space

APEX collaboration is a team space for getting work done. Once you setup your team with the collaboration space, distance no longer exists. Your entire team can meet online and work of documents, spreadsheets, databases, and other projects as well as assigning follow-up tasks.

Cloud Library

APEX library is a space where your company can create a PAL (Process Assets Library) and many other types of libraries such as for a law firm you may want a law library. Imagine having access to your assets from the office, the road, and from home. APEX makes finding information much easier than looking through paper books.

Company Intranet

APEX has a built-in content server (CMS) for hosting intranet webpages. Your team can update the pages with your latest information so your content is always fresh. Your intranet has team calendars, chat pages, and the ability to alert teams when certain events occur.

Team Calendar

With the APEX calendar feature, you can setup team calendars, project calendars, as well as set calendars to roll-up into upper-level calendars. The calendar feature has the ability to alert teams under certain conditions such as alerting project teams that a deliverable is almost due. The calendar feature also can be set to your specific company holidays to show working and non-working days.

Rules and Automation

Create rules to file documents in pre-determined folders for easy retrieval Use process automation to alert teams of updates to documents, the posting of new documents, as well as tasking with due dates. Automation is designed to help you manage your APEX Digital Vault.